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The question of purpose is ancient, and so is our history of discovery and innovation. There’s a role for conversation in this process — we need to be able to talk about problems to solve them. But conversation is not the mere exchange of information where everyone is sending information. Taken this way, conversation becomes a utility that’s not very useful in creating something new. We approach work in the same way, using conversation as a dumb pipe rather than a tool to “work together.”

When we share our ideas, show our work, and open the door for feedback with purpose, our ideas take flight. Ideas crave connections — and so do we. Conversation is the tool we can use to navigate all kinds of interactions, and learn as we negotiate meaning, make sense of things, and develop an appreciation for many more ways to view opportunity.

I’m Valeria Maltoni, the author and founder of Conversation Agent, an 11-year old publication that addresses how we make sense of our work (and lives) at the intersection of business, technology, and human behavior. My goal is to help you achieve SMARTER Aims. I’ve created a guide you can use to discover your purpose, figure out what you need to achieve it, and learn how to control the outcome.

Addressing our own needs and desires is a great starting point for approaching others with clarity, energy, and poise. Get the guide now and start unlocking your potential.

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